Aug 20 2011

Life is Quirky

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Sorry to have just disappeared like that.  Here today gone tomorrow wasn’t my intension. lol  I think most of us know how life just seems to turn on a dime when we are leaste expecting it.  Well, sit down and let me tell you what’s going on.

This spring I received a call from my BFF Erica  who wanted to know if I was still interested in getting back to the hospital.  I’m a nurse by profession and have enjoyed the last ten years at home raising my kids and supporting my husbands online business.  She knew that I had reactivated my RN license  and was tossing around ideas.  Apparently there was a position just opening up in the same nursing field I had left… but at her hospital system.  ”Okay”  you say,  ”Very cool…so?”  Well,  she live accross the country. ACROSS the USA We are not just talking about a new  job here. We are talking about relocating our entire lives.

Long story short… it was “stars aligning” and within two months we had packed up our entire house and storage unit (we had for 10,  yes, 10 years….Don’t get me started on that.)   and like the Beverly Hillbillies,  we loaded up the truck and moved “Quir-ky”.  Albuquerque that is.  Land of Mountains and hot air  balloons.  We drove 1800+ miles in our SUV and a 26 foot U-Haul truck pulling a 12×9 foot covered trailer all the way from from Florida.  My dad came with us to help drive and what a blessing he was. (Thank you again Daddy!!)  It’s been wonderful.  The people here are so friendly and everyone seems to be into health and well being.

View from our house at sunset. Picture by hubby.

Well, needless to say my arts and crafts have taken a back burner to unpacking and working full time.  We still have a room full of boxes to put away but for the most part we are settled in and functional.  I’m happy to say I got a craft room/office out of the deal. hehehe.  I’m still setting it all up but hope to be able to start printing pictures of this adventure soon and get them put into albums.

This was the first year I was attemtping the Becky Higgins album system and wow do I have some catching up to do! lol  Luckily my daughter kept a log book that my mom gave her on the trip.  She was great about writing things down.  I know we are taking plenty of pictures to use.  Everywhere you turn here is breathtaking.  What a heck of a year to document already!

I also signed up for Ali Edwards One Litte Word at BPC and am way behind on that now. My word is “Participate”  Damn did THAT open a can of worms or what??   Did I mention I have to get my Bachelors in Nursing within the  next two years too?    The hospital requires and supports it so I’m quite happy to take on this endevour as well.  Luckily for me,  my first class going back to college  since 1988 is taking care of  3 credit of a Fine Arts.  Yup!  I am really looking forward to “Drawing 101″ all fall.  Starts next week.  Hmmm 5 hours of mandatory art… lifes rough but somebodies gotta do it.

I’ll do my best to keep up with it all  Hope to hear from you all soon and do some catching up.

Hugs, Claudia!


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Mar 24 2011

Win a years worth of scrapbook kits!

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WOw  the gang at Wescrapkits l  is giving away a free years worth of their beautiful kits!  You have until the endo fMarch to qualify for the contest!

Good luck!



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